Dumpers For Goalposts


The Drum Marketing Awards 2015
– Winner: B2B Strategy or Campaign of the Year

Dumpers For Goalposts – Hewden

Fully integrated campaign.

With the Soccer World Cup just months away, we knew football was going to be the main topic of conversation on construction sites up and down the country. In fact, research showed that 40% of brickies would rather go a month without sex than miss the football! So if plant and equipment rental firm Hewden wanted to engage with construction workers during this period, they needed to be talking football.

First we created a central microsite called Dumpers4Goalposts, which acted as a hub – collating all the latest World Cup news, special offers and promotions. It also provided details about Hewden’s products and services as well as football themed sales and marketing initiatives. When customers hired equipment from Hewden they could claim things like footballs, team jerseys and flags.

Bringing Samba Spirit to Construction Sites

To launch the campaign, Hewden teamed up with World Football Freestyle champions, The F2, to create an online video. The video was a parody of Nike’s iconic France ‘98 World Cup advert featuring Brazilian football legends Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Hewden’s version was a direct parody but featured brickies kicking and flicking a football around a construction site (featuring Hewden’s products).

The video acted as a driver to the campaign site and created enormous word-of-mouth throughout the industry.

We then launched “The Footy Cave” a renovated site cabin, which featured recliner chairs, big screen TV and an external St George’s flag paint job. The cabin was available for hire across the country.

With England exiting the World Cup early (again) we needed a plan B. Research showed that Brazil was everyone’s second favourite team, so we launch “the Vizilian” a high viz vest with your Brazilian name and number printed on the back.

All the campaign elements were designed to drive brand engagement and direct existing and potential customers to the microsite.

The Results

The results performed better than the national team:

  • More than 40 pieces of news coverage across a broad range of national, regional, trade and consumer media including The Daily Mail, The Sun, Manchester Evening News, Sky Sports News and The Drum
  • Video views in excess of 200,000
  • Including 15,000 likes, comments and shares
  • 130% increase in traffic to the website (69,948 v average of 30,000)
  • Assets on hire reach a record high of 2,913 during campaign
  • 263 new customers secured as a direct result of campaign
  • An incremental increase in revenue (YoY) of £354,009.51

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