The Cost of Congestion

TomTom Telematics

Mumbrella CommsCon Awards 2017
– Winner: Best B2B Campaign

PR Week Asia Awards 2018
– Winner: Best B2B Campaign

The Cost of Congestion – TomTom Telematics

Fully integrated campaign.

Telematics is not a sexy topic. To make it one we launched a fully integrated campaign looking at the cost of congestion on businesses in Australia for TomTom Telematics. The campaign was designed to educate business leaders on the impact congestion has on businesses and raise awareness of TomTom’s services more broadly.

Making use of the wealth of data TomTom had on traffic congestion, we developed a three-pronged strategy to drive awareness, push customers to the website and create engagement opportunities showcasing the brand’s solutions. The campaign was kicked off with a bang by finding the dollar figure that Australian businesses lose to employees being stuck in traffic each year, as well as the top 10 most congested cities in Australia.

By joining a conversation that was already happening around the country, we managed to create mass brand awareness for TomTom Telematics and drive potential new business leads.

The Results

• 140+ News stories across broadcast, metro, finance, local & trade publications
• 345% increase in sales
• Widely shared across social media
• Increase in number of users to the TomTom Telematics website
• Campaign has now been rolled out globally

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